Thursday, May 28, 2015

Differences between LGBT people

Very often it happens that people give labels while not knowing what they're talking about. 
If you want to talk about LGBT people you must know that you can find a lot of terms that have different meanings. 
For me it is very funny when I hear someone insulting someone else saying “GAY”, because “GAY” is the acronym of “GOOD AS YOU”, so maybe you have to think about what you want to say before opening your mouth.  
“Gay” is a man that has no problem with his body, who is just attracted from other men and the same is for women, but they are called Lesbians. For sure you know Bisexuals; they are men and women that like both sexes. 
A lot of homophobic men says “I hate Gays” but they really like to watch lesbian porn movies, and I think that it makes no sense, or when men says “I would like to have sex with two lesbian girls”… well, I’m sorry for you but they are LESBIANS, so it means that they don’t like men.  
After these three types of LGBT people we can meet “Drag Queen” and “Drag King”.  
The first category is about men that like to dress themselves like a woman and make shows, for example in disco or in private parties. The second category is about women that want to look like a man, so in short is the opposite of Drag Queens. 
Leaving the Drag’s world we can find my favorite category - Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the amazing world of Transsexuals and Transgender people. 
No, not all are prostitutes, and is not good to think about these kinds of people saying “they just want to have boobs to earn more money with clients”. 
I am transsexual, so I perfectly know the difference between these two types of people.  
Transsexual is a man or a woman who wants to completely change his or her gender.  
Transgender is a man or a woman who just wants to have the appearance of the opposite sex, but doesn’t want to change his or her gender. 
Yes, sometimes we can see this kind of people in the street talking with clients or what else, but I think that I don’t have to remind you that everyone can be a prostitute regardless of their sex or sexual orientation.

Alexis Innocenti

Friday, May 22, 2015

The most interesting lesson of ‪‎tolerance‬ ever

When two months ago an Italian volunteer came to our office, I was a little bit shocked and confused, to say the least. Shocked, because before seeing the person, I saw really fancy high-heels (that would be a perfect pair for a night club, rather than the office). Confused, because it was a… guy who was wearing them.

Friday, May 15, 2015

# A blaze of feminism

This week the conservative American radio show “The Morning Blaze”” triggered a twitter hashtag called #HowToSpotAFeminist to make fun of people believing in “the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes”. 1 Soon the social network was used to spread insulting and stereotypical images of feminists (commonly portrayed as unshaved, ugly and fat man-haters – hence the obvious essence of the evil in the world). The radio host “Doc Thompson” later claimed the hashtag was just intended to be a dating advice for one of his friends…