Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We are now at Schools

This week we have started our presentations in Sofia's high schools. We have already visited two of them and several more we are going to visit in the nearest time.

The first school that we have visited was 28 Средно Общообразователно Училище "Алеко Константинов". There we gave a presentation to the seven graders. The second school was that let us in was 113 СОУ "САВА ФИЛАРЕТОВ". There we had a little bit older audience – 10-11 graders. But at the same time there were few children from the lower classes. During all the presentations in the classrooms we gathered around 50-60 youngsters.

During the presentations we have presented the video about bullying that led to the discussions what youngsters are seeing there and what they think about this topic. Later on it was our turn to talk more about human rights, specifically about hate speech online. We have presented our work and what we are doing here in Sofia. We ended up all the presentations with a topic about volunteering and the great things that it can give to all of us.

We feel that our work is going well and not unnoticed. We have received a positive feedback from youngsters and schools staff. It was a great feeling when after the presentation few young people comes to you and asks for more information and even wants to become a volunteers like us.

We want to say thank you for the staff of the schools for the support. Maybe we will see you soon in your school :)

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