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See no HATE, hear no HATE, speak no HATE. POST NO HATE.

Have you ever came across the three wise monkeys? Sure you have, but have you ever paid attention to the real meaning of this old Japanese pictorial maxim?
It is hard to decide on one meaning. It depends not only on which part of the world you come from, but also on one’s personal attitude.  

Keep your mind free of EVIL thought, do not let hatred impair you. That is supposed to be the ancient Japanese meaning of the proverb. This does not only refer to the refusal of seeing, hearing or speaking EVIL, but one have to stop spreading EVIL. Is it enough to stop spreading hatred and prejudices only in the “real” world? The offline world? No. Continue online.

Hate speech in online environment is EVIL.

The western world uses the three wise monkeys for people who deal with evil or impropriety with turning a blind eye on it. How ironic, if you think about the amount of people ignoring hate speech and discrimination online. The Web is not as an anonymous robot space anymore, as it may has been some decades ago. You are dealing with real personalities, bullying real people, spoiling real lives. Even if the first meaning of the three wise monkeys does not suit you, do not let the second become your reality.

Live and Evil may be a palindrome, but that does not mean it should be used in the same context. Stop cyberbullying now by preventing hate, discrimination, prejudices, and evil coming into your life, and the life of others.

Post no evil. Post no hate.