Monday, April 14, 2014

Beauty of being different - Three inspirational personal-websites

We, IOA-teem, always talk about diversity and acceptance during our workshops and lectures in schools and universities. We promote tolerance and anti-discrimination. We make street actions to collect all the different, though all very beautiful faces against discrimination and to show the diversity of people standing up for the same idea.

Usually our audiences do not realize right away how emotionally-harmful and spiritually-poisoning negative talk is. One rarely considers though that the negative impact is even bigger when a person directs the negativity towards him/herself. We rarely talk about self-evaluation and self-esteem. It is difficult to find harmony with the surrounding world (regardless whether off-line or on-line), if you can not find harmony with yourself and with your own body. Women spend millions to become slimmer or more muscular, make skin whiter or more tanned, hair shorter or longer, make the smaller nose or larger lips. So why is it without a result?  According to fashion magazines “the ideal” changes every season. Therefore, sometimes someone or maybe even we ourselves still continue to refer to us as too black or too pale, fat or skinny, blonde or red-haired, tall or short.  Do not fall under the standard of beauty!  Even in fashion magazines nowadays the key word explaining “the ideal ” is more and more often named as DIVERSITY. 
We offer you three blogs that can change your perception of the beauty of the human body and also your self-esteem.
Internal Acceptance Movement (I. A.M.) was created by young Californian girl – Daniell, who had recovery from anorexia and bulimia and studied psychology with the hope of someday becoming a therapist.

The main idea that Internal Acceptance Movement promotes is the “idea that as human beings, we aren't defined by anything external, such as our weight, appearance, body shape, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, clothing choices, income, occupation, or background”. On the site you can find self-help series of articles, Coping Skills articles, advises, motivation quotes, life-affirming information. The author went through many problems with self-evaluation, so now, she understands her readers and finds right words to tell about this problems.
The second blog, we like to show you, has, self-explanatory title: “Stop hating your body’.

The author of this Tumblr blog  declares: “No matter what you look like, what color, what gender, what size or however many "flaws", healthy, not healthy, working on it, we are all human, we all deserve to be happy, we all deserve to love ourselves”. Author and readers share their experiences, stories of success, inspirational and motivational pictures.

The last but not least blog in our list is ‘’Operation Beautiful” website.

This site is unique because it provides huge impact not only on on-line word, but also in off-line everyday living. The main idea of this resource is sharing positive massages and spread the idea of beauty to wider audience. With the help of this webpage and inspired by its owner, a lot of people distributed sticky notes at various public places and spread the pictures of it around the internet. Messages of happiness ad positivity, such as: ‘’find beauty in character not in a size” or “Stay strong and have Fun, ’cause that’s what life is for” make one stop and think about the beauty of the DIVERSITY.  

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