Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summarizing the Youth Cause

At the end of August one of our organization’s major projects – The Youth Cause (Младежка Кауза) is coming to an end. That having said it is about time to point out what we have reached, who and how have benefited from this project.

The main activities during the project included building partnerships and networks for youth information and support, capacity building and providing information, trainingcourses for Youth Initiatives and awareness raising. We are proud to say that with the establishment of the Youth Cause platform www.kauza.net, the network of partner NGOs was created including 12 youth NGOs in the active partnership and spreading the capacity building tips to other NGOs currently not officially involved in the network. Twenty young people have participated in the training “The organizing and implementing interactive youth initiatives.”

The platform is open for all the NGOs and youth activists, and is filled with manuals and tips for the effective young NGOs capacity building. One can find information on EVS accreditation, project writing, establishment of NGOs to current youth events in Sofia and Bulgaria. Templates of documents needed to proceed with activities are uploaded to the platform as well. The project has been encouraging and will continue to encourage the youth participation and active citizenship. During the awareness raising campaigns the information about the Youth Cause and importance of active citizenship was provided to more than 300 youngsters in schools, universities and festivals all around the country. The project visited 6 municipalities and has been presented in more than 15 formal education institutions.

Although at the end of its duration, the Youth Cause will not stop functioning.  The useful information uploaded on the platform will remain there and the IOA staff will continue updating the website with events and other important news related to the youth work and youth participation. So if you missed your chance yet, then visit the page and check all the useful videos, documents and manuals to improve your active participation in youth work!

"The Youth Cause - network quality, sustainability, knowledge and authority youth work in Bulgaria" is funded under the program to support NGOs in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014. The whole responsibility for the content of this article goes to the Infinite Opportunities Association and under no circumstances it can be assumed that this article reflects the views of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Operator of the Programme to support NGOs in Bulgaria. This project is implemented with financial support of the "Youth in action" Programme of the European Commission in Bulgaria administered by National Centre "European youth Programmes and Initiatives." Content of the article does not reflect the position of the European Community program "Youth in Action" or NCEYPI.

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