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The epidemic behind the pandemic

Because of the pandemic that began in March 2020, young adults and children’s mental health is getting worse, with an increase in episodes of anxiety, depression and suicidal behavior. An international study estimates that this health crisis has caused 53 million more depressive disorders that mainly affect the youngest, mostly young women. Although we are not the end of the pandemic, experts anticipate that in the coming months a growth of suicidal thoughts and behaviors, will cause a higher suicide rate in young people. Due to this extraordinary situation that we are living in, other problems will occur, such as greater domestic violence, increase in school dropout, eating disorders, self-harm or excessive consumption of technology and addictions. The main concern is that, if these problems are not solved, they will be dragged into adult life. We are at risk for a generation of sick adults. Although the mental health of many young people was already at risk before the pandemic, it ha
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Qatar looks ready for the 2022 World Cup, but at what cost?

Every four years the FIFA World Cup of football is held. Every time it is an amazing festival for football fans worldwide. Awarded with hosting the 2022 World Cup, Qatar has been working around the clock to get their country ready to welcome players and fans alike to give them the best football experience. Ever since FIFA announced Qatar as hosting country, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the event and the country as a whole, and things do not seem to get better…                © John Holmes, for Human Rights Watch Qatar is not known for their great reputation concerning human rights and has violated those on multiple occasions. The most popular example of human rights violations is how they treat migrant workers. Qatar is a country in the Middle East and has a population of about two and a half million people. A lot of Qatar's citizens are actually migrant workers, Amnesty International reports at least 1.7 million migrant workers, forming around 90% of the workfo


It is common knowledge that smoking causes health problems, but it is not often talked about how the production of tobacco affects health. The tobacco industry is a global multi-billion-dollar business and it is mainly dominated by large international cigarette companies. Tobacco is produced all over the world and for production costs to be as low as possible, many companies buy tobacco from less regulated countries. Which can jeopardize the security of both adults and children working in the field.  Human Rights Watch conducted a study where they interviewed children working in tobacco farms in Zimbabwe. According to the study the children were exposed to significant risks to their health and safety, which other research in the United States and Kazakhstan also showed. Children in the tobacco fields in Zimbabwe were shown to be exposed to nicotine and toxic pesticides. Some children mixed, handled or applied pesticides directly while others were exposed by being near the pesticides. T


        On the 7th of November, the Croatian journalist Boris De ž ulovi ć published an article called “ Fuck Vukovar ”, in which he criticizes the way the Vukovar has been turned into a dead town used only for nationalistic celebration and remembrance. He argues all cultural and social life has been erased from the village on the pretext of respecting the fallen during the Vukovar massacre. Moreover, De ž ulovi ć had been commenting on this reality for many years and had won the European Press Prize in 2014 for the article “ Vukovar: a life-size monument to the death city” . View of the town of Vukovar. Image by The Dubrovnik Times Hate, insults and threats were the responses that De ž ulovi ć got. Most notably, the Ministry of Veteran Affairs and the mayor of Vukovar, among other authorities, endorsed the public lynching, the criticism and the threats aimed at the journalist. Among the criticism, there were many accusations of him being unpatriotic, ungrateful to those who fought a

Brazil's Amazon rainforest suffers worst fires in a decade

  A firefigther works to put out fires along the road to Jacunda National Forest, near the city of Porto Velho in Brazil's Amazon. (Source:

The Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

Yemen is the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world with more than 24 million people, out of the 29.8 million total of population *,  in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than 12 million children. This means that more than 80% of the population is affected, as a consequence of  the conflict that escalated in March 2015 that led the country into being severely devastated by a civil war.  According to the Yemen   Data Project, more than 17.000 civilians were killed and injured since the begining of the conflict, and a quarter of all civilians killed in   air raids were women and children. Furthermore, more than 10 million of people are at risk of famine and, because of this, i n 2018 the United Nations declared it is "the worst humanitarian crisis in the last 100 years." About 70% of the population lives with less than 1$ (dolar) a day, and many employees and pensioners have not received any salary since 2016. Given this and the fact that the economic status is

Racism in Portugal: Actor Bruno Candé brutally murdered

Designed by artist Yuran Henrique Bruno Candé, Portuguese actor, was shot four times last Saturday, 25 July, in the afternoon while walking with his dog. The suspect is an 80-year-old man. The crime occurred in Moscavide in Loures, near Lisbon. "The killer had already threatened with death three days earlier, uttering several racist insults. Given this circumstance is evident character premeditated and racist this heinous crime," the statement made by Bruno's family  to the Portuguese press. Some witnesses at the scene said the man who allegedly killed Bruno had said several racist phrases, including "Go to the Senzala*", before killing the actor. Soon after the crime, the elderly man tried to escape but was stopped  by the people who were close by, who surrendered him until the police arrived. The homicide is being investigated, and the elderly remains in detention. Bruno left three children, a 3 year old girl and two 7 and 6 year old boys. Family members state