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The life of Romani people – exclusion, discrimination and human right violations     “Europe has a shameful history of discrimination and severe repression of the Roma. There are still widespread prejudices against them in country after country on our continent” ( Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe. Source: Amnesty International) Roma people in the European Union:  (UNICEF 2011; Velux Foundation 2019; European Commission 2019; Strauß 2021) 85% of the children are at risk of poverty (in compare to 20% in the total population) ·          Just 42% of the children above the age of three get a pre-school education like   kindergarden (in compare to 94% of the total population) ·        Just 28% finish secondary school (in compare to 83% of the total population) ·          Segregation in education: ethnically Roma schools accommodating 70 per cent of Roma pupils and Roma people get send into special schools ·          62% of the youth are not participating in schools, apprenticeships or employments (in compar

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