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  Europe’s Roll-back on Gay Rights Image credit: At the beginning of this year, Italy began a disheartening reversal of gay rights under the leadership of Giorgia Meloni’s new far-right government. Brothers of Italy came to power in 2022 with a manifesto that opposes same-sex marriage and adoption, as well as supporting the narrow conception of a “traditional” family unit. The party also collaborates with anti-LGBTQ+ movements, marking their determination to erode progress. During Meloni’s campaign, she called for a ban on sex education in school programmes and wished to prohibit LGBTQ families from being represented in children’s cartoons. Italy’s discriminatory orders began in January when the government instructed state agencies to halt the registration of children born to same-sex couples. In July, a state prosecutor in Padova announced the cancellation and re-issuance of over 30 birth certificates of lesbian couples’ ch

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