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Green Consumerism at Work

10 green ticks of buying green from our office When we are being motivated by impatience, low price, hunger, fashion or sale, without thinking we surrender marketing ploys and tricks and become a part of consumerist society. Is it dangerous? If you surrender to the passion of shopping regularly, the answer is: “Yes, it is”. Consumerism is destructive for the planet and it is harmful for your life. Life of consumerist may be depicted by a qoute from Chuck Palahniuk novel: „Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy s**t we don’t need.”  In our office we try to be happy, healthy and pro-green by avoiding buying unnecessary products. Sometimes our desire of possession of the product is so strong, that we lend ourselves to passion and buy the product. But we are buying “green”. How we manage doing this without boredom and frustration? You can find the answer while checking our tricks and suggestions how to buy, but buy “right” products:

Lets Go Green Together!

Has it ever occured to you that becoming more sustainable is kind of hard? You have to stop using car, become vegetarian, buy only organic food and cosmetics... Isn't that the change of the whole life style?? False!!!! In the beginning littkle steps are what matters. We found 16 easy steps to help the planet with minimal efforts. Designed by Iuliia Zadorozhnia, written by Indre Lechtimiakyte

Must-read literature about women’s rights: book list with pictures

Despite that fact that in many countries women’s rights are established by law, a lot of people, both man and women, ignore the basic standards of gender equality and (we hope that they just) forget to respect  the women’s rights and freedoms. We don’t even mean the right to vote, to work, to own property, to have education or to have marital or parental rights. We mean deeper issues, like stereotypes about what women should do or what woman’s work is. If you are bored of reading philosophical tractates of Mary Wollstonecraft, Betty Friedan, Shulamith Firestone, Gloria Steinem and Angela Davis, look carefully through our list –its non-fiction literature with brilliant plots and breathtaking manner of storytelling. 1. ‘’The Second Sex’’ by Simone de Beauvoir 2.  “The Vagina Monologues” by Eve Ensler 3. " Field Work In Ukrainian Sex" by Oksana Zabuzhko 4. “The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women” by  Naomi Wolf   5.  &q

Roma in Bulgaria

Did you know that 90% of Roma are living at the risk of poverty? Or that every fifth Roma in Bulgaria had experienced discrimination based or the ethnicity within last year. Check out more facts about Roma in Bulgaria on our chart.

София прайд парад 2014

На 05 юли се проведе седмото издание на „София прайд парад”. Въпреки осъждането от страна на Българската православна църква и изявленията на лидера на Атака, парадът беше подкрепен с писмена декларация от 11 дипломати и посланици от дипломатически мисии в София. София прайд 2014 премина през центъра на столицата без инциденти и бе посетен от около 400 души.  В София има около 80 000 ЛГБТ, които всеки ден са обект на неравностойно третиране. Парадите по целия свят целят да привлекат публичното внимание към иначе скритата и маргинализирана общност на ЛГБТ и по този начин да предизвикат обществен дебат за предразсъдъците и дискриминацията срещу тях. --------------------------------------------------------------------- On the 5th of July the 7th Sofia Pride parade was held.  Despite the earlier condemnation by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and incidental statements of Ataka leader, the parade was supported in a written statement by 11 diplomats and ambassadors