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Make it short...

...we asked ourselves five questions. clear and brief. New volunteers - Indre, Ida and Iuliia, who we are, with whom we want do drink a cup of coffee, what things we like in Bulgaria, what drives us crazy? 

If Christmas isn't found in your heart, you won't find it under a tree.

Seeking asylum is not a crime.  Share your love. Looking forward for a new holiday season, in the rush and joy of wrapping presents and sharing the happiness with our beloved ones, let’s not forget about the importance of other things we share – our words and actions  In the past couple of months, with an increasing influx of asylum seekers to Bulgaria, xenophobic attacks on asylum seekers have spread out through the country. On-line media commentators incite hatred on those of different  race or country of origin suggesting to “lock  them up” or calling asylum seekers “criminals with no legal right to stay in Bulgaria”. It seems so hard to step into the shoes and imagine that most of these people were soldiers deployed against their own people whos conscience did not allow to shoot the innocent so they were sentenced to death. Or mothers, who did not want their children to see the outrageousness of war. Are those, fleeing from unbearable, are criminals? One can clearly