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Healthy Mind in the Healthy Body

Today I want to talk about the changes in the understanding of the healthy lifestyle. Stereotypes which were established and developed by the fashion industry promote anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders between young girls and even boys. It's not news that the fashion business prefers skinny models in its ads; that some models are anorexic; and that woman who aren't skeletally thin end up with negative feelings about their bodies because of these ads. You can see the anorexic-looking models in all fashion magazines and mostly in all ads.  However, the stereotypes are changing nowadays.

THE TRIBE (2014): a perfect way to be shaken

The main purpose of cinema itself is to make us emotionally excited. We want to be provoked, to be touched or even shaken after a movie. I was so shaken during „The Tribe“ (2014, director M. Slaboshpitsky) that I even lost my consciousness.