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        On the 7th of November, the Croatian journalist Boris De ž ulovi ć published an article called “ Fuck Vukovar ”, in which he criticizes the way the Vukovar has been turned into a dead town used only for nationalistic celebration and remembrance. He argues all cultural and social life has been erased from the village on the pretext of respecting the fallen during the Vukovar massacre. Moreover, De ž ulovi ć had been commenting on this reality for many years and had won the European Press Prize in 2014 for the article “ Vukovar: a life-size monument to the death city” . View of the town of Vukovar. Image by The Dubrovnik Times Hate, insults and threats were the responses that De ž ulovi ć got. Most notably, the Ministry of Veteran Affairs and the mayor of Vukovar, among other authorities, endorsed the public lynching, the criticism and the threats aimed at the journalist. Among the criticism, there were many accusations of him being unpatriotic, ungrateful to those who fought a