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Fighting discrimination through sport

“ Sport is part of every man and woman's heritage and its absence can never be compensated for. ” Pierre de Coubertin Stereotypes and prejudices are everywhere, we are literally surrounded by them. Whether it is on the news or experienced personally, we are able to see episodes of discrimination every day, from the lady who hide her bag when a gypsy enters the bus to the recent news about Syrian refugees trying to reach Europe. Intolerance can be overtaken. People, associations, international organizations, together stand to fight discrimination, and one of the main and effective way to do it is through sport. Without any doubt, sport is an integral part of our society, and this is because people are now aware of the crucial importance and benefits of doing sports for living a healthy life. But sport is also entertainment. Everyday millions of people turn on the TV to watch their favorite matches or just to follow the news about the sport they like. Sport spreads