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This weekend to watch in your free time: Football and its hooligans

Insulting, abusing, spitting, throwing stones, bricks and Molotov cocktails on the opposing supporters, abuse of smoke bombs and massive fights:  this is another side of Football. How football, the most popular sport in the world, has turned from a unifying factor into a cause of discord? Watch those two films about football fans, which are showing the life of football hooligans from the inside and you will maybe understand the reason of their hatred. Green Street 2005, UK, Direction: Lexi Alexander With: Charlie Hunnam, Claire Forlani, Elijah Wood and Leo Gregory The director Lexi Alexander was inspired by memories of her childhood, when she supported the Waldhof Mannheim football team. Co-authored with the former football hooligan Dougie Brimson, she wrote the script and directed the movie about the lifestyle of the supporters of West Ham United Football Club. This film is another attempt to portray the so-called "English disease", hoolig

How Sofia held Refugee Day: "Bus of Tolerance" and renovated refugee center

Over 51 million people are currently forced to leave their home due to persecution and the fear of death. This is the biggest number since the Second World War, as the representative of UNHCR in Bulgaria, Mr. Roland-François Weil stated in his speech on last Friday, the World Refugee Day.  We went to several events on that day, in honor of all the people fleeing from their home. At 11 o clock Mr. Roland-François Weil, together with the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Mariya Fandakova introduced a Bus Nr. 280 to the public, which was painted by the artists Stoyan Stoynov and Atanas Skodov. The faces of refugee children shall represent the different nationalities and that nobody wants to be a refugee. The Bus is going to drive as a symbol of Tolerance through the city, reminding of the over 11.000 people seeking for protection and asylum in the last years in Bulgaria. At the early noon, the Vrazhdebna refugee center for resettlement in Sofia opened the door for Media, officials and NGOs mem

For the free time reading this weekend: four nonstandard books about people deprived of their homeland

We all differ from each other, seem to each other alien. We are different - it is our curse and advantage. We are different - that's what we have in common. People usually hate the things that they are afraid of. They are afraid of things they do not know or understand. Therefore, the only way to overcome fear and unacceptance is to start to learn more about people and the surrounding world, to broaden one’s attitude and mind. The team of the IOA proposes you, to learn together. You will find something new here every Friday. Today we are proposing 4 different fiction books about refugees, or people, for some reasons forced to start re-building their lives in foreign countries. 1.   ‘Shadows in Paradise’ by Erich Maria Remarque The book depicts a story of six people who have learned to survive: an optimistic businessman, a beautiful model, a talented surgeon, a writer who loves alcohol, an actress and the protagonist, a journalist Robert Ross, a German who hates Naz