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Beauty of being different - Three inspirational personal-websites

We, IOA-teem, always talk about diversity and acceptance during our workshops and lectures in schools and universities. We promote tolerance and anti-discrimination. We make street actions to collect all the different, though all very beautiful faces against discrimination and to show the diversity of people standing up for the same idea. Usually our audiences do not realize right away how emotionally-harmful and spiritually-poisoning negative talk is. One rarely considers though that the negative impact is even bigger when a person directs the negativity towards him/herself. We rarely talk about self-evaluation and self-esteem. It is difficult to find harmony with the surrounding world (regardless whether off-line or on-line), if you can not find harmony with yourself and with your own body. Women spend millions to become slimmer or more muscular, make skin whiter or more tanned, hair shorter or longer, make the smaller nose or larger lips. So why is it without a result?  Acc

"Respect the Roma! Europeans for 8 centuries."

                        Have you known that Romani people has been European citizens for over 8 centuries? Since then this nation has raised many famous football players, poets, singers, politicians and human rights activists.  That’s what we were talking to passers-by on out street action on the European Action Day for Solidarity with Roma people (04.08)   You want some more precise facts? Here are some of them: Rita Izsák is a Romani woman from Hungary. She is now the UN independent expert on minority issues. Sali Ibrahim is a Roma poetess, living in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has turned her home into a literary center for young Roma and Bulgarian women, where she teaches them poetry. Ricardo Andrade Quaresma Bernardo is a Portuguese football player, currently playing for Porto. He was given a nickname “cigano” due to his Romany descent Jean "Django" Reinhardt (1910 –1953) was a Belgian-born French guitarist and composer of Romani heritage, who was a great Eu