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DIY: How to Make an Elephant from Recycled Material

Summarizing the Youth Cause

At the end of August one of our organization’s major projects – The Youth Cause ( Младежка Кауза ) is coming to an end. That having said it is about time to point out what we have reached, who and how have benefited from this project. The main activities during the project included building partnerships and networks for youth information and support, capacity building and providing information, trainingcourses for Youth Initiatives and awareness raising. We are proud to say that with the establishment of the Youth Cause platform , the network of partner NGOs was created including 12 youth NGOs in the active partnership and spreading the capacity building tips to other NGOs currently not officially involved in the network. Twenty young people have participated in the training “The organizing and implementing interactive youth initiatives.” The platform is open for all the NGOs and youth activists, and is filled with manuals and tips for the effective young

Make it short... #2

Iris (Hong Kong)  and Carmine (Italy) Our two new Interns from AIESEC finished their first week, therefore it's time to introduce them to you. They are going to help us in our project   "Green Community" , as both of them plan to work in the environmental sector in their future. Five questions, five simple answers: Iris Hong Kong - 20 – Bachelor, environmental Management and Technology Best thing about Bulgaria You have experienced so far? The antique market in the basement of Temple Sveta Paraskeva is so amazing to me, you can find everything there!! Your personal contribution to the environment? I don’t use any disposable utensils. I bring my own bags to market. Any person you would like to have a cup of coffee with? June Leung – a teacher and an entrepreneurin Hong Kong. If you could write a slogan on the sky, what would that be? Hey guys, please appreciate every single moment in life. What drives you crazy? Mosquitoes make dis

Climate Change is a Social Problem

How much is too much? Ecology and terror.

In what moment our love and respect to nature becomes more important that non-violence, acceptance and respect for human rights and human life? We invite you to explore the possible consequences which may result from desire to prove the rightness of green life and unrespect to other people's opinions. Not everything is fair in love and war. Why? Check our pictures to understand.  How does it start? Where do the roots of the values of eco terrorists come from? What are the main activities of eco-terrorists's? Who are they? Did they have rules? Here you can watch two videous about Earth Liberation Front. The first one is "If a tree Falls: A story of the Earth Liberation Front" is the official documentary made by filmmaker Marshall Curry, exploring the origins, motives eco-terrorism. The second movie is another documentary, "Behind the Mask: The Story Of The People Who Risk Everything To Save Animals"