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Natasha Maksimova - the first transgender heroine on the cover of Tatler

The history of the coming out divas of the Moscow world “From tomboy to a cover-girl. Being the first transgender woman on Tatler cover I want to dedicate it to those who fight, to those who love and to those who made their choices or on their way to take a decision. You are all different, you are all beautiful and you are all YOU!” These sentences Natasha wrote on her Instagram account after her picture was published on the cover of one of the most prestigious fashion and lifestyle magazines Tatler. In a country where LGBTQ+ rights is a serious, controversial issue (Russia), the appearance of a transgender woman for the first time on the cover is quite revolutionary and inspiring at the same time. In the documents of Natasha Maksimova it was not always written "gender - female". In the April issue of Tatler, they published the story of her life not in her body, sex change, and coming out in a country where this word is considered as an offensive word. Natasha