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Collecting words against discrimination. Lea.

Between December and May 2013, more than one million people from all over the world had the same thought: coming to Bulgaria on holidays. Most of them were Balkan neighbors, coming from Greece, Macedonia, Rumania and Turkey, but in the statistics you can find cameras and passports from the five continents. Regarding their motivations, some of them came to Bulgaria looking for the wild nature of the country, historical places -Thracian, Roman or Ottoman ruins scattered throughout the territory-, cheap party and beers, winter sports... and among them and others, there were those who came to Bulgaria looking for all these things combined with Gay facilities. As it has been reported by one of the most important national newspapers 24 CHASA “Bulgaria has become a hit for gay tourism”. Specialized gay tours and agencies are emerging, offering one product which entails not only the most common cultural, historical or sportive attractions, but also the possibility of getting involved in the
Това са нашите трима чуждестранни доброволци в рамките на проектa „Л юбов и Омраза: Младежта за толерантност в интернет“ - Кармен, Инга и Джордж. През следващите няколко месеца те ще се посветят на насърчаването на толерантността между младите хора в киберпространството! От стъпването си на българска земя преди повече от месец всеки от тях непрестанно открива и се бори срещу формите на дискриминация както в българското общество, така и в интернет. Прочетете редовете по-долу, за да се запознаете отблизо с част от действията им за повишаване на информираността за последиците от речта на омразата в интернет. 1. Откъде сте? Кармен: М алага, Испания Инга: Литва Джордж: Кипър 2. Разкажете ни за себе си. Кармен: Аз съм 28 години. Имам диплома по журналистика и магистърска степен по сътрудничество за развитие, предоставяне на убежища и политиките за бежанците. В момента следвам дистанционно социални дейности. В рамките на проекта участвам в онлайн информационнат
These are our three international volunteers within the Love&Hate: Youth for On-line Tolerance project: Carmen, Inga and George. During the next couple of months they will devote themselves to promoting tolerance between young people in the cyber space! They have already been in Bulgaria for more than one month, discovering the depths of anti-discrimination tools in Bulgaria.. Read the passages below to get to know the people who are trying their best to raise the awareness of international internet users about the consequences of hate speech. 1. Where are you from? Carmen: Malaga, Spain Inga: Lithuania George: Cyprus 2. Tell us about yourself? Carmen: I am 28 years old I have received a Degree in Journalism and a Master in Cooperation for Development, Asylum and Refugee polices. Nowadays I am following studies in Social work from distance. My tasks in this project consist on collaborating in the online awareness raising campaign against all kind of d

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The most tolerant countries in the world

Article:   "World Values Survey" Two Swedish economists have searched for answers of the question whether economic freedom makes people more or less racist. They decided to look at data from a study called "The World Values ​​Survey." It asked questions of a different nature, one of which is "What kind of people you do not want as neighbors?". One of the possible answer is "people of a different race." People from 81 countries around the world took part in the survey. The study has taken into consideration how many people gave the answer "people of a different race" to this question. One of the conclusions is that economic freedom is not related to racism. Most tolerant are the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America. Scandinavian countries are also some of the highly tolerant nations. Source: Статия: “Изследване на световните ценности” Двама шв

Let's make 22 July the European Day for Victims of Hate Crime

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, sends a video message for 22 July 2013, commemoration of Oslo and Utøya attacks in 2011 and invites to add YOUR voice to say no to hate speech . "Hate speech online and offline is not just words. It's a stepping stone to discrimination and vi o lence against others. It claims to real life victims and a story of societies''. As a part of the large scale international campaign "Young people against hate speech in the Internet" we are  inviting  you to sigh a petition to make 22 July the European Day for Victims of Hate Crime! Lets make this day to  remember  the victims of hate crime and show solidarity, to educate and raise awareness about hate crime! Генералният секретар на Съвета на Европа Турбьорън Ягланд изпраща видео съобщение за 22 юли 2013г

Collecting words against discrimination. Eneya.

Avid speaker, blogger, reader and searcher. Proactive in general. This is Eneya, a journalist student whom I found by chance and asked for an interview on purpose. She started writing inspired by Mark Twain and his humorist and critical view of the world, a really needed attitude in Bulgarian current situation. So far this year, Bulgarian society has experienced two huge protest waves. The first one in January, when the citizens took the street protesting against the electricity and hot water rising price as a result of certain relationships between the government and some foreign-owned monopolies. These civil demonstrations ended with the resignation of Boiko Borisov as Prime Minister, early elections and a weird combination in the new government: Socialist, Turkish and Nationalist parties in a strange symbiosis. The second social mass outing filled the streets the 14 th of June in response to the appointment of Delyan Peevsky as the head of the National Security Agency. A media mog