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Our weekly design

Our weekly design. Enjoy and share.

No Human Being is Illegal

Can a person be  forbidden  by law ? How would it be? Something like: “sorry, but your  existence  in the planet is not allowed, return to the womb from where you came? “ Forbidden  by law” is the first meaning we found checking for the word illegal in different English dictionaries. One definition that doesn't make any sense when we are talking about human beings life. By using the word illegal to define the person who is residing in a country without permission we are creating negative and completely unfair stereotypes about a group of people. We are denying the individual identity of millions of people. We are  suppressing  their future opportunities . Because words matter. Don't use the word illegal to speak about immigrants. Drop the I word from your vocabulary. Don't feed the hate  machine .    Sign the petition an visit the webpage ! 

Young People Against Hate Speech

Youth Day 2013

On 12 th of August we celebrated International Youth Day . A lot of young people gathered near National Palace of Culture in Sofia to celebrate the empowerment of youth and to recognize efforts of the worlds youth in enhancing global society. The idea was to foster youth active participation by sharing information, experiences and impressions about the current situation of Human Rights and European values in the youth field . And we and all the members of Infinite Opportunities Association went there to spread information about tolerance in online media and to build community around non hate speech movement . Just to remind You: young people, Human Rights, challenges and music are closely connected ! Tommie Smith was 24 years old when he did his Black Power Salute during the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico, in defense of Human Rights and in protest for the racial segregation in the United States and the Apartheid in Sudáfrica. “ I had no regrets, I have no regre