No Human Being is Illegal

Can a person be forbidden by law? How would it be? Something like: “sorry, but your existence in the planet is not allowed, return to the womb from where you came? “Forbidden by law” is the first meaning we found checking for the word illegal in different English dictionaries. One definition that doesn't make any sense when we are talking about human beings life. By using the word illegal to define the person who is residing in a country without permission we are creating negative and completely unfair stereotypes about a group of people. We are denying the individual identity of millions of people. We are suppressing their future opportunities. Because words matter. Don't use the word illegal to speak about immigrants. Drop the I word from your vocabulary. Don't feed the hate machine Sign the petition an visit the webpage


  1. Hmmm ... is what you're saying logical? "Illegal" refers to the type of immigration the person used to get into a country, hence once they are in they are by definition an illegal immigrant. And yes, if a person is in a place illegally, in that situation a human being can be referred to as "illegal." Instead of using logic, you're playing a semantic game to promote and defend what actually is a broken political agenda. It's sad that instead of using reason you're merely relying on emotion to make decisions. A life lived that way always ends badly. Start using your rational mind, which is steady, instead of your feelings, which are transitory. Good luck to you!

  2. And the people who feed without permission on the hard work of others are the ones who are UNFAIR. That is called parasitism. Those who want to eject them and stop being taken advantage of can hardly be called unfair. Don't you swat mosquitoes that are biting you and sucking your blood? I want to choose those to whom I give charity, not have them forced upon me simply because they have found a way to cheat the system. And with regard to stereotypes, stereotypes exist for a reason: they are generally true. Not in every specific case, but in general. Men are generally more logical, women more emotional. That's a stereotype grounded in broad human experience. Illegal aliens generally exploit the host country they have sneaked into, without contributing to the economy on the level of the country's own citizens. That's a stereotype grounded in broad human experience. You can point to anomalous anecdotal cases, but the existence of occasional exceptions does not disprove the general rule. Start thinking with your head. If you really want to help these people, go to their country and help them. That's what I do. The alternative is to sit and whine and complain like you do and not really accomplish anything productive ... for yourself or for the illegal immigrants.


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