"Respect the Roma! Europeans for 8 centuries."


Have you known that Romani people has been European citizens for over 8 centuries? Since then this nation has raised many famous football players, poets, singers, politicians and human rights activists.  That’s what we were talking to passers-by on out street action on the European Action Day for Solidarity with Roma people (04.08) 

You want some more precise facts? Here are some of them:
Rita Izsák is a Romani woman from Hungary. She is now the UN independent expert on minority issues.
Sali Ibrahim is a Roma poetess, living in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has turned her home into a literary center for young Roma and Bulgarian women, where she teaches them poetry.
Ricardo Andrade Quaresma Bernardo is a Portuguese football player, currently playing for Porto. He was given a nickname “cigano” due to his Romany descent
Jean "Django" Reinhardt (1910 –1953) was a Belgian-born French guitarist and composer of Romani heritage, who was a great European composer of jazz music and the founder of Romani jazz interpretation. 

All these people, and many more are the brilliant examples of a rich and colorful Romani heritage. Spreading a word about the beauty of diversity, we organized yet another street action of the IOA collecting faces against discrimination.  


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