How much is too much? Ecology and terror.

In what moment our love and respect to nature becomes more important that non-violence, acceptance and respect for human rights and human life?
We invite you to explore the possible consequences which may result from desire to prove the rightness of green life and unrespect to other people's opinions. Not everything is fair in love and war. Why? Check our pictures to understand. 

How does it start? Where do the roots of the values of eco terrorists come from?

What are the main activities of eco-terrorists's?

Who are they?

Did they have rules?

Here you can watch two videous about Earth Liberation Front. The first one is "If a tree Falls: A story of the Earth Liberation Front" is the official documentary made by filmmaker Marshall Curry, exploring the origins, motives eco-terrorism.

The second movie is another documentary, "Behind the Mask: The Story Of The People Who Risk Everything To Save Animals" is a 2006 documentary film about the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).
This documentary made by Shannon Keith, animal rights lower. She consider the members of the ALF like a people who speak up for the animals, but simultaneously they break the law to do it. "We only can see changes in our society when the law has been broken", - the lower, Mrs. Keith said.

Eco-terrorism has been a topic not only of documentary movies but also of books, TV-shows and musical lyrics. We made Top-5 fiction books about it:
5. "State of fear" by Michael Crichton

4. "The monkey wrench gang" by Edward Abey

3."Green Is the New Red: An Insider's Account of a Social Movement Under Siege" by Will Potter

2. "Zodiac" by Neal Stephenson

1. "Lullably" by Chuck Palahniuk

Written by Iuliia Zadorozhnia 
Edited by Indre Lechtimiakyte


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