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Last month we were talking about music. So this week we decided to talk about art. Andy Warhol. I guess a lot of you already know this name and what it is famous for. 

Andy Warhol was a man of a lot of talents: a fashion illustrator, painter, printmaker, sculptor, magazine publisher, filmmaker, photographer, and archivist. He was an leading figure in the art movement called Pop Art. He became super popular in the second half of the twentieth century. His best seller paintings are Campbells soup cans, Marilyn Diptych, Seven Elvises and many more.

But why we are talking about him and his art here? How it is connected to anti-discrimination and tolerance?

To begin with, the artist has said a lot of insightful phrases in his short but productive life. One of them and one of the most world wide known phrases of Andy Warhol is: “I think everybody should like everybody.The quote says a lot itself. Maybe not intentionally, maybe with some intentions, the artist spread a tolerance message to the world. Telling people that everyone has a good features, has something likable. Even these days you can find bags, t shirts, badges and many other things with the artist portrait and message next to it.

Furthermore, going through the articles, interviews I have run into the interwiev with Andy Warhol made in 70s. The artist is taking about Pop Art, what does it mean to him, his art and other important things to him. But one phrase said by the artist attracted my attention. He said: How can you say one style is better than another?”. The artist was talking about art, styles, critics and etc. Despite it thinking deeper it applies to everyday situations, with judgment that we are making every day without even realizing that we are judging. We criticize others clothing, hair style, skin color, the way somebody walks and etc. A lot of messages full of criticism are notable in online social media and web pages. Without even being aware people can be hurt and have a not pleasant experience while reading it. Therefore think twice how can somebody say that something is right or wrong, and question yourself how can you say that one thing is better than another. Use your critical thinking.

Andy Warhol a man of many talents gave to the world not only the impressive pieces of art but as well a wonderful insights about the attitude towards the people and their actions.


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