Move out to my house

Every reality has different faces and in crisis situations all of them become more intense. Thus, last brutal racist attacks against refugees in Sofia, which ended up with the stabbing of youngsters from different nationalities, are faced with the same intensity by people who are offering everything they have in order to help those who need it. In most of the cases this solidarity actions are anonymous, not being possible to find them in any newspaper or television.

Last week, some days before the nationalist march against immigrants took place, I had the chance to experience one of this philanthropy stories in person. I was having a drink with an amazing person, refugee, who was explaining me the terrible conditions they were suffering in the overcrowded refugee camp where he was living. We were keeping this conversation while having a cigarette in the door of a bar. Suddenly, another smoker who heard us by accident, jumped into the story out of the blue offering to my friend his house for free the time he needed it. My friend moved out last Thursday and his hosting celebrated a welcome dinner full of vegetarian food and positive energy. Amazing time and people.

Other similar case, this time documented by the media, is the one staring by the four-time world boxing champion Evander Holyfield and the billionaire Canadian citizen of Jewish origin Yank Barry. They have rented a hotel in Bankia,  where Syrian families from the refugee camp will be accommodated. Today, a 17 member Syrian refugee family has been received in this hotel. The goal is to integrate the refugees into Bulgaria. In one of his interviews, he mentions that his willingness to help the Bulgarian state is provoked by the human endeavors of the Bulgarian citizens during the World War 2 when the community tried to save all Jews from being expulsed to the concentration camps in Germany and Poland.

Even though in Sofia, racism and xenophobia are becoming more visible day by day, we should not forget the other side of the reality. The one in which concentrations in solidarity with the refugees are held, and where food and winter clothes are gathered in order to be delivered in the refugee camps. This face of Sofia stuffed with famous or anonymous people willing to help. Persons who are opening their lives and houses to those who have been forced to run away from theirs. 


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