Collaboration at It's Finest

Spring is coming and on the 1st of March Bulgarians celebrate Baba Marta Day. We’ve decided to begin preparing  in advance, so this is the right time to start making Martenitsas. Martenitsa is a traditional small piece of decoration, made of white and red thread, worn as a bracelet in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and Romania.

Infinite Opportunities Association has been invited to attend the Martenitsa workshop in National Ethnographic Museum. This master class was organized with the help of CVS-Bulgaria for refugee children.
We have gladly accepted the invitation and visited the workshop. It has been great time not only for children, but also for their teachers and, of course, us. We learned how to made martenitsas-bracelet and dolls. It’s easier to make the bracelet working together, so it was a great practice for working in pairs.

Giorgia, the CVS Bulgaria volunteer, introduced us to children and we had a small conversation with them about hate speech, discrimination and human rights. This workshop was the chance to get to know each other. At the times, great collaborations start from unexpected meetings like this one. A few ideas have already came into our minds and we hope bring them to life together with CVS-Bulgaria.


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