Healthy Mind in the Healthy Body

Today I want to talk about the changes in the understanding of the healthy lifestyle. Stereotypes which were established and developed by the fashion industry promote anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders between young girls and even boys. It's not news that the fashion business prefers skinny models in its ads; that some models are anorexic; and that woman who aren't skeletally thin end up with negative feelings about their bodies because of these ads. You can see the anorexic-looking models in all fashion magazines and mostly in all ads.  However, the stereotypes are changing nowadays.

The first wave of criticism against anorexic-looking models was launched in 2009 by with the publication of a Ralph Lauren ad campaign featuring fired model Filippa Hamilton, who was photoshopped to look exactly like these images.

It is no longer about “skinny” now it is about “healthy”. Today, people all around the world are becoming more and more cognizant of trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. But remember - healthy lifestyle is not only a healthy body is also a healthy mind. Being fit and healthy is just as much about my mind as it is my body! When you balanced, healthy, active and allow yourself some treats and then without any guilt you feel your best mentally and physically.

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. But is NOT always the truth! Of course, healthy lifestyle is mostly about transforming your body into a healthy one. The only way do it is to give up eating the fast food, begin eating more vegetable and fruits and regularly exercise (YES, the only healthy way!). But, the physical body isn't the only thing that is involved in getting a healthy lifestyle. You cannot constantly restrict yourself and feel guilty every time you eat something unhealthy or miss your workout. Allow yourself to relax without any guilt.  Do not feel guilty about every piece of chocolate.

The concept of healthy lifestyle is to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. NOT of punishing yourself for every your treat! 

Thus, the bottom line is that getting and maintaining a healthy life consists of 3 basic aspects:
a healthy body
a healthy mind
a healthy soul

It is a balancing trick between 3 where each one must be given adequate and consistent attention. It definitely takes work, but by trying to make small changes over time, a person can often make permanent transforming changes in habit to help get a healthier lifestyle.

.... and remember....

With love & peace


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