Tolerance Caravan ended

Last destination – Burgas

Our Tolerance Caravan ended several days ago. The last destination was Burgas. Our volunteers enjoyed the journeys through different cities of Bulgaria very much.

Previously in Stara Zagora we had cheerful street activities near the 5th of October Park. Late in the evening we left the city and went by bus to Sliven. Sliven is a small city, famous for its blue rocks and its national park, the fresh air and the mineral springs. On the 16th of May the Tolerance Caravan visited The Foreign Languages Gymnasium Zahari Stoyanov, the Professional Gymnasium of Civil Engineering and the St.Paisi Hilendarski Roma school at Sotiria. The students greeted us warmly and showed great interest in our presentation. Many were motivated to find out more about the No Hate Speech Movement. The next day during our street actions on the main street local people and students that we talked to the day before got involved in our actions. They were drawing on the Tolerance Square, taking pictures, writing positive messages, spreading smiles and happiness.

The Tolerance Caravan team packed everything up and moved on to Burgas – the destination we were all very excited about. Burgas is a beautiful city which welcomed us with its sunny weather. We did presentations and street actions to promote and raise awareness to locals about Tolerance, the No Hate Speech Movement and Youth Cause.

Overall, Tolerance Caravan reached its aim to spread Tolerance idea around Bulgaria. The journey was very interesting for all of us. On the one hand we challenged ourselves to work under the circumstances of pressure, became more flexible and on the other hand we learned more about Bulgaria, culture, history, locals.

Tolerance Caravan ended, but the striving for tolerance hasn’t. We continue to work for the greater relations in the society and invite you to join us!


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