Tolerance Caravan in the eyes of the volunteer


My name is Tiki and I am from Georgia. I am one of the 11 short term volunteers living in Sofia for the project “Tolerance Caravan” organized by Bulgarian Non-governmental organization Infinite Opportunities Association. From now on, for the following two weeks, I’ll be the one to give you guys the updates of our travels throughout the country: spreading tolerance awareness and No Hate Speech movement among Bulgarian people and promoting an on-line platform, meant for educating society in the topic of tolerance, which will be launched in July.

We are 11 volunteers representing different countries: Georgia, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Sweden and Hungary. International environment makes out volunteering service joyful and interesting. It has been one month we are doing
several tasks for Tolerance Caravan project. We are divided into main 4th groups working on logistics, organizing and planning Tolerance Caravan journey around Bulgaria, focusing on-line promotion, street actions, design work.

Tolerance Caravan contains one month activities in Sofia and 10 days of travelling around Bulgaria: Sliven, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora and Burgas. In addition, travelling part is coming and things are getting more interesting, excited and active at the same time, while organizing different tasks and preparing for different activities connected with Tolerance Idea. All of the volunteers will be travelling in the middle of May to do campaign and spread Tolerance in Bulgaria.

Preparing process is very exciting, all volunteers are involved into their tasks to use their skills and knowledge to make things right. Group communication and team working part is also essential, which makes everything easier and fun. During the Tolerance Caravan volunteers will be in charge of making presentations at educational institutions and doing street actions, including joyful games, performances, quizzes connected with the idea of tolerance and antidiscrimination.

So if you are interested in the topic of Human Rights, or simply want to spend some good time with bunch of international people, find us on the 12th and 13th of May in Plovdiv, 14-15 in Stara Zagora, 16-17 in Sliven and 19-20 in Burgas. 


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