European Day of Languages in Sofia City Library

The European Day of Languages is celebrated every year since 2001 on the 26th of September as an initiative of the Council of Europe to promote plurilingualism in the whole Europe. There are 24 official languages of the European Union. But in general there are about 225 indigenous languages in Europe that is about 3% of the whole world languages. By celebrating this day we are promoting linguistic diversity that is a tool for achieving bigger intercultural understanding. Under these numbers are people who speaks these languages – different languages. It is worth celebrating the diversity, differences and uniqueness of every language in Europe.

This year in Sofia on 26 of September the event to celebrate the European Day of Languages was held in Sofia City Library. It was organized by the staff of the library and 4 EVS volunteers that are doing their voluntary service there.

The event was attended by number of different embassies representatives, teachers, school children, young people from Bulgaria and other European countries.

The even started with a opening word from the director of the library. Straight after that it was followed by the reading of the famous monologue "To be or not to be" from the William Shakespeare's play Hamlet in different European languages. It was presented by EVS volunteers from Hungary, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Portugal and Lithuania in their mother tongues.
Representative from USA Embassy reading a fairytale

After that representatives from French, Norwegian, American embassies gave their share and presented some readings in their native languages. Norwegian embassy representatives really attracted children attention by playing recent days Norwegian artist Ylvis song The Fox hit that has already 59 million viewers. Some more speeches were said and for the perfect official part ending of the evening EVS volunteers from the Sofia City Library acted a short play written by Jose Manuel. Ricardo from Portugal, Jose Manuel from Spain and Agne from Lithuania by acting in Bulgarian language presented the EVS life and differences of the countries.
EVS volunteers acting

Different languages were heard, different people shared their cultures, diversity was celebrated and followed by applause's.

Thank you for our friends from Sofia City Library for the possibility to get to know other languages and celebrate this day!


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