Protests against the Prime Minister in Bulgaria

Protests Bulgaria, 2020

Thousands of people have demonstrated in recent days in major cities in Bulgaria, in favor of the resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's government against the oligarchy, organized crime, corruption and the government itself. They also call for the resignation of the country's attorney general, Ivan Geshev.

It all started last week, when Geshev ordered a police operation at the presidential office. Two advisers were arrested on suspicion of disclosing confidential documents and for trafficking of influence. The information is from European television Euronews.

The operation was seen as a way to pressure the President. Elected in 2017, Rumen Radev was commander of the country's Air Force and had the support of the Socialist Party in his campaign. The President has always criticized Boyko Borissov's government.

With the Slogan “Defending democracy”, Protestants marched on the streets of the Bulgarian capital and even declared " We are protesting against organized crime, which has infiltrated all State Institutions, the Judicial System, the Parliament and the government itself. There is no division of power anymore and almost all media are owned by those same people. We, the young people of Bulgaria, have a strong sense of belonging to the EU, its values and principles. We want our country to be a respected member of the Union, not the poorest and corrupt one."

According to news agency Efe, the protesters assured in the last days that the protest will only end when elections are called. Today (07/17), they warned that if the government does not resign, the next step in the protests will be the cutting of roads and railways.

The bulgarian Prime Minister has so far refused to give in to pressure from protesters, as well as from the opposition and the country's president, Rumen Radev, who also demands that the executive cease his duties.

In a post on his Facebok account, Radev said that the protests are against "the mafia that is in power" and that surely "there is no power that can stop the demonstrations". 

The Prime Minister subsequently also spoke on social media, saying he respects peaceful protests. “I respect everyone's right to speak out. My door is always open to dialogue.” He added: "Power has been given to us by the people, and we will exercise it responsibly."

Bulgarian Prime Minister- Boyko Borissov

From the beginning, the vast majority of protests took place peacefully. There were few cases of vandalism and confrontation with police forces, it was reported that some protesters were arrested.

Article Written by:

Millena Ferraz



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