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Racism in Portugal: Actor Bruno Candé brutally murdered

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Bruno Candé, Portuguese actor, was shot four times last Saturday, 25 July, in the afternoon while walking with his dog. The suspect is an 80-year-old man. The crime occurred in Moscavide in Loures, near Lisbon.

"The killer had already threatened with death three days earlier, uttering several racist insults. Given this circumstance is evident character premeditated and racist this heinous crime," the statement made by Bruno's family  to the Portuguese press.

Some witnesses at the scene said the man who allegedly killed Bruno had said several racist phrases, including "Go to the Senzala*", before killing the actor.

Soon after the crime, the elderly man tried to escape but was stopped  by the people who were close by, who surrendered him until the police arrived. The homicide is being investigated, and the elderly remains in detention.

Bruno left three children, a 3 year old girl and two 7 and 6 year old boys. Family members stated that he was "an extremely affable and sociable person, the favorite uncle of his nephews and a playful father, dedicated and connected to his family and mother".

SOS Racismo demanded, on Saturday, the 25th of July "justice" in the case of the death of the man shot this afternoon in Moscavide, municipality of Loures, district of Lisbon, considering it to be "a crime motivations of racial hatred".

Racism in Portugal
Portugal has increasingly addressed racism due to the murder of the American citizen George Floyd. Thousands of activists have approaced the issue on social media and with protests, however, several people have disagreed with the statement that "Portugal is also a racist country".

Portuguese politician André Ventura, from the "Chega" party, is the main believer that Portugal is not a racist country. The polemic politician is known to have a racist, sexist speech and speaks openly about how he is against the Roma community.
On his social networks André Ventura declares that "What happens in the murder of Bruno Candé is a tragedy, not racism! Portugal is not a racist country, you have to end this conversation.
To family and friends, my prayers and feelings are with you!"

This declaration caused thousands of Portuguese citizens to revolt and unite against racism in Portugal. In the last few days they have given testimonies of how they were discriminated against in the country because of their skin color or even nationality.

The country came together and called for a protest with the slogan: "Because racism killed again", on Friday, July 31, at 6 pm. The activists  will also be on the street to pay tribute to  Bruno Candé. 

Poster - Protest on July 31, 2020

* Senzala: slave quarters.
Translation of senzala from the GLOBAL Portuguese–English Dictionary © 2018 K Dictionaries Ltd

Article Written by:

Millena Ferraz



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